Visiting Germany in September & October

Early fall is a great time to visit Germany. The summer holidays are over and the roads are less crowded with travellers, local wine festivals are happening, and temperatures are mild but still fairly pleasant.

When you travel in October, remember that German school children have one week of fall vacation. This year it’s the week of October 13. However, booking accommodations is still less expensive than in the summer. The only exception is the Oktoberfest in München (Munich). If you are planning to visit Munich in late September or early October, you have to expect higher prices. Bavaria’s beer festival draws six million of visitors from all over the world every year.

If you prefer more of a local feel than a hotel, here is a website to look into: We have booked apartments through this website several times and have always been happy. You live in somebody’s room, apartment or entire house for the duration of your stay. If you want to shop and cook like a local this is a great way of experiencing Germany.

In September and even in October, the weather in Germany can still be pleasant, with colorful autumn foliage. German weather is unpredictable, you need to be prepared for cold and rainy spells. In Berlin, for example, the temperatures range in September from 8˚C to 18˚C, in October from 5˚C to 15˚C.
In November, the days are getting shorter, it is cold, damp and often overcast. Temperatures go down to 0˚C to 8˚C on average and there can be a continuous drizzle, or, in some areas, even the first snow fall.

Early fall is the time to go to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours, the wide variety of good German wines, or a real German beer while visiting one of the many castles on the Rhine river or a fall festival. “Prost!”


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